Women demand a new Equal Pay Act ahead of the launch of a new report

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A group of one hundred prominent women in public life are urging the Government to create a new Equal Pay Act in order to give more transparency over male colleague’s pay.

A new report is set to be launched this week on the gender pay gap, with the #MeTooPay campaign gaining significant support in recent weeks.

It comes following a high profile equal pay case involving the TV and Radio Presenter Samira Ahmed, who has taken the BBC to an equal pay tribunal over claims she was underpaid for her role in hosting the television programme Newswatch in comparison with Jermery Vine’s salary for hosting Points of View.

It was also recently revealed that thousands of Boots employees may be eligible to join an equal pay claim against the high-street retailer.

Boots could owe in-store employees in excess of £100 million in back pay, while more than 550 current and former employees have signed up to the legal action.

Similar cases against Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Next, Tesco and Asda are in the process of being brought against the companies, with some experts believing that a new Equal Pay Act is essential.

In a joint statement, the signatories of the #MeTooPay campaign said: “We’re frustrated to still read stories about women not getting the pay they deserve. Women should not be paid less than men to do exactly the same job. It is just wrong.

“So we’re starting a campaign to do something about it. We want to see radical and rapid action.”

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