Women awarded £3.2 million after appointment delays left her blind

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A woman has been awarded £3.2 million in compensation after delays in her treatment for an eye condition resulted in her going permanently blind.

The woman first went to an optician in June 2016 after noticing her sight worsening.

She was diagnosed with glaucoma and referred to Southampton Eye Hospital. She was prescribed eye-drops and told she would have follow-up appointments.

However, the woman was not seen by a senior consultant until around eighteen months later, by which time she had been registered blind and the damage to her sight could not be reversed.

The woman was one of 16 patients who had been treated at the same eye clinic and who had suffered significant preventable harm.

A Serious Investigation Report had found that the University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust had failed to enter all patients for out-of-time appointments onto a spreadsheet and had failed to assess the individual patient’s clinical risk factor.

It showed more than 4,000 patients had not been seen as quickly as needed. Not only had patients not being seen when they should have been, but no-one was identifying their particular risk of deterioration in sight.

A settlement was agreed between the two parties for the sum of £3.2 million which will compensate the women for her pain, injury and suffering, care costs, loss of earnings, accommodation costs, childcare and rehabilitation.

In a statement, University Hospital Southampton NHS Trust said: “We have taken steps to address the backlog in follow-up appointments… with all patients now risk-assessed to ensure those most in need are seen at the earliest opportunity.”

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