Violence one of most common workplace injuries alongside slips and trips

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According to new industry research, the number of workplace injuries caused by slips, trips and falls in 2017/18 reached 21,730, with an average of more than 417 incidents each week.

This was the most common cause of injury at work, with over 7,000 more injuries than the second most common cause of injury which was handling, lifting or carrying.

Most surprisingly, there were over 5,000 incidents of workplace injuries caused by acts of violence, as well as 7,024 caused when employees were struck by a moving or falling object, and 5,445 were injured when falling from a height.

The data also revealed that construction is the most dangerous industry to work in, with 38 fatal injuries taking place within this sector last year, followed closely by the agriculture industry, which experienced 29 deaths as a result of workplace accidents.

According to the research, the top 10 causes of accidents in the workplace are:

  1. Slips, trips or falls
  2. Handling, lifting or carrying
  3. Struck by a moving object
  4. Falls from height
  5. Acts of violence
  6. Contact with moving machinery
  7. Strike against something fixed or stationary
  8. Struck by a moving vehicle
  9. Exposure to or contact with a harmful substance
  10. Injured by an animal

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