What are “unbundled legal services”? 

This is where a solicitor is able to help his or her client but not take on the whole of the case.  For instance this may be with regard to representing a client at court or more usually where the client acts in person, to help that client along the way in court proceedings such as preparing court documents and even drafting letters.

The client will have the responsibility of “doing the leg work” with the help of the solicitor.  There will be limited engagement by the solicitor and helps to keep costs down as the client will only be paying for the work the solicitor does to assist his client with “unbundled” legal services.  Because there is this “DIY component” the fees are more affordable than having a solicitor deal with the case from beginning to end.

How does it work?

The client would pay his or her solicitor an hourly rate.  A meeting would be arranged so that the client can see the solicitor to obtain advice and assistance but will still act for themselves.  Some lawyers call this “pay as you go family law advice”.

This service can be offered by Jonathan Diamond who is partner at the East Ham office or by Frances Ormonde who is a senior assistant solicitor based in our Wanstead office.  The charge out rate will be £200 per hour plus VAT.  So if you are with the solicitor for say half an hour, you will pay £100 plus VAT.

This can save the client a considerable amount of money.  Traditionally, when someone instructs a solicitor this will involve a solicitor charging a fee for every action taken on the file.  This would include sending and receiving letters, telephone calls, considering and preparing documents.  Some clients are able to do the “leg work” themselves but may require specialist advice to check through or prepare a document or to explain the next stage of a court case.  Therefore, the client continues to act in person and so reduces their costs.

We can help you on all aspects of family law such as divorce, dissolution of civil partnerships, residence and contact disputes, injunctions and finances including property and maintenance.

There are no unexpected charges for you.  You literally “pay as you go”.  This means that at the conclusion of each meeting and depending upon how long the meeting lasts, you will pay for the advice given.

If you would like to find out more, call or email Jonathan Diamond at our East Ham office or Frances Ormonde at our Wanstead office.  We also offer a fixed fee first appointment.  We will then write to you and all issues will be dealt with in your advice letter.

If you subsequently find the matter too daunting and you want us to act for you by taking on the whole of the case then an estimate of fees can be provided.