Over a third of UK residents impacted by medical negligence

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A new study has revealed that over a third of UK residents have been personally affected by medical negligence, or have had a family member or close friend who has.

The research conducted by Claims.co.uk and independent data experts YouGov collected responses from over 2,000 UK residents on their experiences of medical negligence and the reasons they think it happens.

The results found that over a third of all UK residents have experienced a form of medical negligence with London, Wales and Scotland all the most likely locations for negligence to occur.

20 per cent of people said it was a family member who had suffered, 14 per cent said they had suffered medical negligence themselves and six per cent of people said a close friend had received the poor treatment.

Participants in the survey thought overworked doctors and nurses were the main cause of medical negligence (33 per cent), a figure that has increased 12 per cent since 2015.

The other most popular suggestions for the cause of medical negligence occurring was fraudulent claims (14 per cent), a lack of funding for hospitals/staff (14 per cent) and inadequate training of staff (14 per cent).

Director of Claims.co.uk, John Quail said that the survey shows clinical negligence is a real problem: “In 2015, fewer people thought that overworked staff was the main cause of medical negligence claims, and there was a bigger emphasis on fraudulent personal injury claims. Our survey has shown that the public is more aware of a strained NHS than ever before.

“The shift in the public’s attitude is likely the result of a keener focus on funding supplied to the NHS and the recent news regarding working hours and contractual expectations.”

For the full report, go to https://www.claims.co.uk/medical-negligence/impact-of-medical-negligence

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