Teenager awarded settlement after hospital found to have been negligent

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A teenager from Hull has been awarded a payout of £850,000 due to medical negligence after an incident when she was born resulted in her needing to spend her life in a wheelchair.

The incident occurred at Hull Royal Infirmary in the early noughties, during her birth the girl suffered a displaced left hip which was not properly treated immediately and only diagnosed when she was two-and-a-half-years-old.

As a result, she has required repeated painful surgeries, walks with a limp and has one leg shorter than the other.

The girl is likely to need at least one hip replacement operation in the future and may even require a wheelchair for the remainder of her life.

The Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust admitted full liability for her injuries after her lawyers took action on her behalf.

There was initially a dispute around the value of the claim, with the trust only valuing the claim at £180,000, whilst the girl’s legal team had initially claimed a figure of £4.6 million.

Judge Edward Pepperall QC told the court the trust had agreed to settle the girl’s claim for £850,000.

The judge said: “It is plain that she had to put with much pain and suffering as she grew up, but she has borne that with great fortitude.”

He added that, if it wasn’t for the negligent delay in diagnosing and treating her congenital condition, her prospects of a full recovery “would have been excellent”.

Following numerous operations, her condition is now as good as it will get and experts agreed she will become more disabled as it worsens with time.

“No sum of money can properly put right what went wrong at the time of her birth. That, I’m afraid, is beyond the powers of anyone.”

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