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string(1334) "[["Service","Total cost ","Basis for charges – hourly rate or fixed fees or combination of both","Experience and qualifications of those carrying out the service","Experience and qualifications of the Supervisors","Description of and cost of likely disbursements or average cost or range of costs","Which of these disbursements attract VAT and at what VAT rate","Key stages of the matter and likely timescales for each stage"],["Grant of probate/letters of administration – application only ","£750 - £2000 plus VAT – price dependent on size and complexity of the estate","Fixed Fee","Tracey Galley","Tracey Galley","£155 court fee","No VAT","2-6 months including Probate Registry’s processing of application"],["Estate Administration","0.5% - 3% of estate value plus VAT – price dependent on size and complexity of the estate","Hourly rate 
£180 per hour plus VAT","Tracey Galley","Tracey Galley","£155 court fee","No VAT","3-6 months to obtain grant of probate. A further 3-18 months afterwards to complete estate administration. The timescale may be affected by a sale of a property or having to deal with queries raised by HMRC."]]"