Section 21: Legislation could take two years to come into force

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Experts have warned that legislation to abolish Section 21 eviction notices could take up to two years to come into force, with the Government stating that a timetable for the new Renters’ Reform Bill will be released ‘in due course’.

The Queen’s Speech outlined a Renters’ Reform Bill last week, abolishing ‘no-fault’ evictions, while also giving landlords the rights to gain possession of their property through the courts where there is a ‘legitimate’ need.

The Bill will include plans to improve the court process and will be designed to make it simpler for landlords to regain access to their property.

However, there is no specific mention of a ‘Housing Court’, despite campaigners calling for one and the Government previously seeking feedback on the idea.

The Bill will also give more access to the rogue landlord and agent database, as well as creating a ‘lifetime deposit’ for tenants, with minimum qualifications being introduced in order to “professionalise letting agents, to the benefit of tenants and landlords”.

Experts have highlighted the tenant fees ban as a barometer for how long the legislation may take to implement, with the ban first being mentioned in the November 2016 statement, before being enforced in June 2019.

David Smith, Policy Director for the Residential Landlords Association, said: “We accept the need to protect tenants from abuse but it is crucial that plans to reform the way repossessions can take place are got right if the Government is to avoid a rental housing crisis.

“Unless the new system is fair to good landlords as well as tenants, those same landlords who we need to support simply will not have the confidence to provide the rented homes that are needed to meet the demand.”

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