Service Total cost Basis for charges – hourly rate or fixed fees or combination of both Experience and qualifications of those carrying out the service Experience and qualifications of the Supervisors Description of and cost of likely disbursements or average cost or range of costs Which of these disbursements attract VAT and at what VAT rate Key stages of the matter and likely timescales for each stage
Debt Recovery up to £100,000 £180 - £275 plus VAT Hourly Rate Find out more Find out more Court fee – depending on value
£280- petition fee
£200 - £500 process server
Land Registry searches - £3 each
Counsel Fee - £250 per hour
£900- Official Receivers Deposit
£20 - £40 VAT
£3 each
6 – 12 months up to and including substantive court hearing

Commencing legal proceedings for the recovery of a non-disputed unpaid invoice or invoices to the value of £20,000 would cost £3000-£4000 plus VAT and would be provided on an hourly rate basis. Carried out by Ruhul Ameen whose qualifications are Solicitor and does not require supervision. Disbursements would include court fee and would cost approximately £1000 which does not attract VAT. From instruction the key stages of the process are as follows: draft and send letter before action, action responses accordingly if received, prepare the claim form and particulars of the claim, issue the claim, respond accordingly to responses or apply for default judgment if no defence is received and is likely to take on average about 4-6 months for the matter to complete if the claim is not disputed and remains undefended.