Suffering an injury can have a catastrophic effect on you and your finances.

And when an injury or serious illness is caused by an accident at work or on the roads, by exposure to a harmful substance, such as asbestos, or by substandard medical treatment, you need practical support and compensation. We can help.

If you or your relative have suffered from substandard medical care please see our clinical negligence page.

You will be looking for support and assistance, not just with the legal process, but also with immediate pressing concerns such as finances, benefits, rehabilitation and employment prospects.

Our common sense approach and effective use of the legal process can help you with early rehabilitation and an interim payment to cover medical expenses and financial hardship caused by loss of earnings. We are committed to achieving the maximum settlement for you as quickly as possible with a practical and common sense approach.

We have wide experience of handling claims resulting from complex road traffic accidents and have also advised victims of the Paddington rail crash and other disasters.

And we have won compensation for illness and death caused by exposure to asbestos, particularly for dock workers and their families. One successful claimant was a widow whose only exposure to asbestos was shaking out her husband’s overalls at the end of his working day.

We understand that you might be concerned about how you will fund the costs of your legal action. We can advise on the range of funding options available to you.

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