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Don’t be like Richard III and get buried in a car park – make a Will.  Although funeral provisions in a Will are not legally binding, they give a better indication to your executors as to how you wish your earthly remains to be dealt with than leaving it all to chance.

Don’t be like Richard II and leave a realm to be fought over – make a Will and leave certainty and peace of mind to those left behind you rather than the chance of “who gets what” without a Will. Whether your realm is a castle or a more modest estate make sure it goes to the right people.  Note that a husband or wife do not automatically inherit the whole of the estate of their spouse if there is no Will, and the situation is even more precarious for those who are not married or in a civil partnership.

If you have no close relatives there is the possibility that your estate will be shared between a large number of family members you have never even met (assuming they can be found) and if you have no close relatives there is a possibility that your estate will go to the Crown.  Now there’s a thought!

Don’t be like Edward IV and leave the wellbeing of your princes to chance.  Make a Will and appoint a guardian for your children.

At Wiseman Lee you will always see a qualified solicitor to discuss these matters and prepare a Will for you.  It is usually a straightforward transaction at a surprisingly realistic price.  You will receive some advice on inheritance tax issues and will be sent a draft Will to look at before a second appointment to come back and sign.

If you are appointed an executor of someone’s Will or you are trying to deal with the estate of someone who has died without a Will, we have years of experience to help you through the process – whether it’s just some initial advice and support at a very modest fee to point you in the right direction and enable you to deal with the estate personally, or whether it’s a more complex matter needing on-going advice.  We have a range of services available including executors’ tax returns, estate accounts and all the legal forms required to deal with the administration of an estate.

Don’t be like George III and leave your court (or indeed your wife) trying to sort out your finances for you whilst the balance of your mind is temporarily deranged – make a Lasting Power of Attorney so you can choose who deals with your property and affairs should you become unable to deal with these matters yourself.  The difficulties your family may face without such a document in place can be more than challenging.

At Wiseman Lee you will always see a qualified solicitor to discuss the options available to you.  If you have a family member who has made no Power of Attorney and whom you wish to help, an application to the Court of Protection may be necessary.   We can deal with the application for the appointment of a deputy to make decisions on behalf of someone unable to do so themselves.

Safeguard your realm, look after your inheritance, protect your children – see a solicitor.

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