Large number of drivers avoiding jail time following fatal collisions with cyclists

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According to new data obtained by Cycling UK, under a fifth of drivers who are involved in a fatal road traffic collision with a cyclist receive a custodial sentence.

On top of that, just a third of drivers will go on to lose their licence following a fatal accident.

Figures were collected from 10 UK police forces under the Freedom of Information Act and provided details surrounding collisions with cyclists between 2007 and 2017.

The data from those forces, showed that 209 cyclist deaths were recorded, with 86 of those drivers being charged with either causing death by careless or dangerous driving offence. 66 of those people were successfully convicted, however, only 31 of those received custodial sentences.

Cycling UK’s head of campaigns, Duncan Dollimore said: “Back in May 2014, the government saw sense and announced its intention to hold a wide-scale review of road traffic offences. Four years on and with thousands of lives lost on our roads, little has been done. That’s short-sighted and is a shocking failure to act that ignores the greatest dangers on our roads.”

It is estimated that around 465 cyclists have died as a result of collisions with motor vehicles in England and Wales since the Government promised its review of road traffic offences.

Mr Dollimore said Cycling UK accepted a prison sentence was not always the answer and backed far greater use of driving disqualification.

He said: “Drivers who pose a risk have no place on our roads, and the law should be strengthened to ensure their removal.

“Whether you’re walking, cycling or driving, we all deserve traffic laws that deliver justice and it’s about time the government ensured that they did.”


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