Introducing Julia McFall Solicitor

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Introducing Julia McFall

Julia McFallI never expected to become a property lawyer, but while training I found I relished dealing with the intellectual challenge of property law and then making it understandable to clients. I also found I loved the variety of transactions and clients – which has stood me in good stead since I joined Wiseman Lee in September 2015, where the diversity of work has been immense and fascinating.

I live in Wanstead and wanted to work in the local area. I joined Wiseman Lee after training and working at Withers for 12 years and then taking a short career break. I specialise in commercial property but have a wide experience of different kinds of property transactions.

I fully understand that many buyers and tenants have not had any involvement with property law before. I try hard to make the process as understandable as possible. I want to make sure that my clients can do exactly what they expect to be able to do with the property they are buying or leasing.

In my experience problems often can be sorted out at the heads of terms stage and I encourage clients and agents to get in touch at that stage to agree points of principle before documents are drafted – to save time, costs and to make the transaction go smoothly.

Outside work I enjoy all things foreign – travel, literature and food. I can never quite leave work behind though and have to be prised off estate agent windows when visiting a new place! I have two children at a local school and am treasurer of the PTA.

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