Injury Prevention Day 2017

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Injury Prevention Day 2017

Injury Prevention Day 2017Last week was Injury Prevention Day 2017.

The APIL (Association of Personal Injury Lawyers) instigated Injury Prevention Day so that people could better understand what the association is about. They want to see fewer people injured needlessly.

The APIL are dealing with a continued onslaught in relation to soft-tissue injury claims, but the Government is making no effort to reduce the needless injuries which cause suffering and claims for compensation in the first place.

There is also no evidence that the UK has “the weakest necks in Europe”, but we do know that we have a lot of traffic on our roads compared to other European countries. Tailgating, particularly in traffic, causes low-speed collisions, injuries and claims. This is why the anti-tailgating campaign ‘Back Off’ was initiated, to encourage better driving habits and keep a safer distance from the vehicles in front.

If fewer claims are what the Government and insurance industry want then this approach makes sense. Preventing needless harm is something everyone can agree on, including insurers. LV= is supporting the Back Off campaign, as are the National Police Chiefs’ Council, Road Safety GB, and Road Safety Wales.

The APIL kicked off the campaign last week with the launch of this new animated video to encourage drivers to keep a safe distance from themselves and vehicles in front.

You can also support Injury Prevention and ‘Back Off’ on Twitter at @APIL and on the dedicated ‘Back Off’ Facebook page at

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