How to Choose the Right Family Lawyer for You

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When a relationship ends, be it a marriage, civil partnership or people living together in what is sometimes called “a common law marriage” the client needs good advice and appropriate support and not just from those they know and trust but from skilled professionals who are best placed to offer them guidance.

The Law Society has a leaflet explaining how expert help can be found and we have those experts in family law at Wiseman Lee LLP. We have solicitors who are members of the Family Law Panel, Family Law Advance Panel and the Children Law Panel. However, there is an organisation called Resolution which is an organisation of 5,000 lawyers and other family justice professionals who believe in a constructive, non confrontational approach to family law matters.

We have two lawyers at Wiseman Lee LLP who are both Resolution members. Resolution seek to improve the family justice system and encourages the use of other dispute resolution methods such as mediation and collaborative law, where appropriate to try and bring separating couples to an agreement.

For many facing divorce or separation, a trusted lawyer plays a big role in helping to sort out often complex issues involving the care of children, the home and finances. Resolution lawyers follow a code of practice which encourages solutions rather than confrontation and which takes into account the needs of the whole family.

When couples separate, there are no winners. Often, it is a time of conflict and heartache for everyone involved. Untangling the legal and practical issues can add to the distress.

Resolution lawyers are specialists in family law so you can be sure that you are receiving the right legal advice. However, more than that, they pledge to adopt a special approach which is outlined in their code or practice. If you visit the resolution website full information can be obtained as to the code of practice. Resolution lawyers encourage couples to find solutions together.

From the start, a Resolution lawyer will help to put you at ease. They will listen and advise and respect your choices. They may invite you to consider other processes that can help. Like you, they will focus on the needs of any children first.

In over 90% of cases handled by Resolution lawyers, agreements are reached without the need for costly and stressful battles. You may feel bitter, hurt and angry. Resolution lawyers understand this. Even though you and your partner may no longer be together, if you have children you will always both remain parents to your children and for their sake as well as your own you will need to find a fair solution.

By choosing a Resolution lawyer to represent you and advise you and if you can encourage your ex-partner to do the same then solutions will be so much easier to find if all concerned take that constructive approach.

For more information and advice on your own particular case please contact our Family law department.

This article should not be taken as a full statement of the law. It should be regarded purely as guidance and is no substitute for professional advice. No responsibility for loss occasioned as a result of any person acting or refraining from acting can be accepted by Wiseman Lee LLP. © Wiseman Lee LLP 2012

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