Hospital error causes man to be accidentally circumcised

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A hospital mix-up has led to a male being accidentally circumcised after the hospital carried out the wrong procedure.

The patient was due to have a cystoscopy, which is a procedure that examines the inside of the bladder using a thin camera. However, following a mix up in the medical notes with the notes of another patient, who was due to be having a circumcision around the same time.

According to a Leicester City Clinical Commissioning Group report, the incident was one of eight ‘never events’ which occurred at University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust over the past twelve months.

Never events are classed as serious, largely preventable safety incidents that should not occur if the available preventative measures are implemented.

The other errors include:

  • Patient wrongly connected to air flow meter instead of oxygen.
  • Swab left inside a child who had adenoidectomy.
  • Patient wrongly connected to air flow meter instead of oxygen.
  • Medics mix-up notes of men with similar names meaning the patient has the wrong operation.
  • The patient had wrong surgery after blunder with consent form process.
  • Surgeons incorrectly mark a patient for an angiogram.
  • Male patient mistakenly circumcised when he was supposed to have a cystoscopy.
  • The patient has a hip nail implanted in the wrong side.

Moira Durbridge, director of safety and risk at Leicester’s Hospitals, said: “We remain deeply and genuinely sorry to those patients involved, and of course we have personally apologised to each one.

“We are committed to learning and improving and have enshrined this work into our clinical priorities within our quality strategy for 2019/20.”

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