Homicide rate hits highest level for a decade

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According to the latest official figures, the homicide rate in the United Kingdom has reached a record high for the past decade.

A Homicide is classed as an unlawful killing and covers crimes such as murder, manslaughter, corporate manslaughter and infanticide.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) data has revealed that in the year to December 2018, 732 lives were lost due to unlawful killings, compared with 690 in the previous year.

The figure represents the highest number recorded since 2008 and covers both England and Wales. However, homicides fell in Wales from 35 to 27 last year.

Offences recorded by police involving knives and other sharp instruments rose by 6 per cent to 40,829, the highest number recorded by the ONS since 2011. A third of these knife offences took place in London.

These figures are expected to be much higher, as the data excludes Greater Manchester Police due to the way the force records offences.

According to the data all 43 forces had seen increases in violent offences, including an 11 per cent rise in reported rapes, 46 per cent in stalking, 11 per cent for robbery, 12 per cent in fraud and 8 per cent for theft.

Firearms offences fell 2 per cent to 6,525 recorded incidents, burglary declined by 3 per cent to 424,846 offences, and computer misuse dropped 28 per cent to 976,000 offences.

Crime overall increased year on year by just 2 per cent.

The policing minister, Nick Hurd, said: “Today’s statistics show that your chance of being a victim of crime remains low.

“Yet too many people are still falling victim to serious violence, which is why we will continue our urgent and unprecedented action to reverse this terrible trend.

“We have given police forces additional powers and have this year put more than £1bn extra into policing, including council tax, and £100m specifically for those areas worst affected by violent crime.”

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