Homeowners warned over septic tank risk

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Experts are warning homeowners to address potential issues with septic tanks following the introduction of new rules.

New regulations surrounding septic tanks require all homes that are not connected to a mains sewerage network to review, upgrade or replace their system by 1 January 2020.

The news follows a number of individuals who have been faced with problems during a property transaction, with homeowners forced to address the issue when selling their property.

The General Binding Rules for small sewerage discharges (SSDs) have been implemented in order to protect surface water resources, such as rivers and streams. This is aimed at protecting the SSDs against pollution that is caused by septic tanks and other small sewage treatment plants.

The new regulations mean that you will not be allowed to discharge waste from septic tanks directly into streams, ditches or other bodies of water.

Homeowners have the choice of replacing or upgrading their system to incorporate a drainage field, which means that waste can drain into the ground and be treated by bacteria in the soil.

Andrew Marshall, Regional Director of Hamptons International, said: “The changing legislation cannot be ignored for those who are not connected to a mains drain, and the responsibility lies with owners to understand their private drainage system and therefore any changes they may need to make to comply.

“New rules came into effect in 2015, when 2020 felt like a long time away – but it is now just weeks away.”

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