Gender pay gap widens further in the public sector

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The public sector has been unsuccessful in closing its gender pay gap this year. According to latest figures, women within the public sector are paid an average of 86p for every pound paid to men.

According to the most recent figures, the median pay gap in the public sector was 14.1 per cent in March 2018, this was a slight improvement than the 14 per cent from the previous year, although this is still below the national average of 17.9 per cent across both the public and private sectors.

A new law that was introduced last year, required local authorities with more than 250 employees to publish an annual gender pay gap report that provided specifics of three key measures: basic pay, bonuses and the proportion of males and females receiving a bonus.

The deadline to publish this report for public sector organisations was 30 March 2019, while private sector companies have to file their figures to the Government by 4 April 2019.

Figures show 88.5 per cent of public sector organisations had reported a median pay gap in favour of men, with more than a third paying men 20 per cent more than women.

The median gap is the difference in hourly pay between the employee in the middle of the range of male wages and the middle employee in the range of female wages.

Of the 50 public sector bodies with the biggest differences, 44 were multi-academy trusts and organisations that ran academy schools.

Wimborne Academy Trust, which runs 11 schools in the south-west, had one of the largest gender pay gaps of the public sector, with women paid 68 per cent less on average than men.

A spokesperson for Wimborne Academy Trust said: “Women currently fulfil most of the support roles in the schools and a majority of our female employees are not teachers. Consequently the median paid woman in the trust is a teaching assistant.

“Only 13 per cent of the trust’s staff are male, and the majority of them are teachers. Therefore the median paid man in the trust is a teacher. The difference in pay between a teacher and teaching assistant accounts for the reported pay gap.”

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