From 1 April 2013 legal aid is no longer available for the vast majority of family cases. Wiseman Lee LLP are therefore pleased to have introduced a scheme designed to assist those who would otherwise have been entitled to legal aid due to limited means.

Fixed fee initial interview

We are able to offer a fixed fee initial interview for £175 plus VAT.  This will cover an initial meeting with a family lawyer which will include advice and guidance followed by a letter to you detailing that advice.  This can cover divorce, finances and children or a combination of all three.  This will provide you with valuable information you will be able to take away with you knowing exactly what your options are.  Because we will only be accepting clients under this scheme who otherwise would have been entitled to legal aid, we would be able to deal with this at the reduced rate of £175 plus VAT (including petty disbursements). It is envisaged that the meeting would last anything up to 45 minutes. 

The next step

Following on from the advice, if you wish then to divorce your spouse (on the basis that you are married because we also act for those who have issues within their relationship and who are not married) then again, at a discounted rate we can offer you services so as to obtain a divorce.  That discounted rate will be £600 plus VAT.  However there will be court fees to pay which are currently £410.   If you are in receipt of certain benefits you may be exempt or partially exempt from those court fees by completing the relevant court form asking the court for you to be exempted.  This will give you peace of mind about exactly how much the divorce will cost.  We can offer this service as long as the proceedings are undefended and your spouse returns the Acknowledgment of Service form to the court in a timely manner.  An original or certified copy marriage certificate would be required and if the marriage certificate is not in English a fee would be required in order to have this officially translated. 

If there are other matters to resolve such as issues concerning children, the matrimonial home, maintenance and finances then we can provide you with a competitive quote to assist you in these other matters as well. 

For the initial interview, payment would need to be made on making the appointment. 

For further information please telephone 020 8215 1000 and ask to speak to a member of the team in the family law department.  We can offer this service at our East Ham and Wanstead offices.

We accept most major credit and debit cards.  For the initial meeting, as this will be at a discounted rate, we will only accept payment by way of debit card or cash.