Family Law after the scrapping of Legal Aid

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You may have come to the conclusion that your relationship is at an end, and you now want to obtain the best possible advice on how legally to end the relationship. Wiseman Lee LLP is here to help you and we have designed a service to lower the costs you pay whilst providing you with essential legal support, and where you control the fees you pay.

This is often referred to as “unbundled legal services” or “pay as you go” family law advice.

As a firm one of our expert lawyers can help you without taking on the whole of the case. For instance you may wish to be represented at court at a one-off hearing, or more likely you would wish to be given a helping hand with preparing court documents or drafting letters.

Rather than Wiseman Lee LLP dealing with the whole matter we will only deal with specific, discreet tasks. You will have the responsibility of “doing the leg work” and running the case. There will be only limited engagement by the solicitor and this helps to keep costs down. You will only pay for the work that we do to assist you.

Because of this “DIY component” the fees you pay are more affordable than having a solicitor deal with the case from beginning to end.

Traditionally, a solicitor acting for you would charge a fee for every action taken in your case such as writing a letter, receiving a letter, speaking to you or someone else on the telephone, or drafting or approving documents. With “pay as you go” family law you are the person in control and you will always be the first point of contact in your case.

When you need to see a lawyer, simply call to arrange a meeting. At the end of the meeting you will be charged just for that meeting. You will not be charged for every action that is normally taken on a file and this can make the costs of dealing with any dispute you have a great deal more affordable than instructing a solicitor in the traditional way.

The legal landscape has changed dramatically in recent years and a great number of clients see this as the way forward. Because there are no unexpected charges, you literally “pay as you go”,

So if you wish to divorce your spouse we can check through the court papers to make sure that they have been properly drafted. If it concerns your children then we could help you make an application to the court for contact, residence and other arrangements. If it involves finances on the breakdown of a relationship we can help you by giving you the confidence to tackle difficult decisions about money.

The only fees you would have to pay to Wiseman Lee LLP is for the time you spend with a solicitor, and you because pay this at the end of each meeting you can keep a careful eye on exactly how much you spend.

Many family lawyers now feel that this is the way forward. There are still only a minority of firms that offer “pay as you go” family law advice. We are one of those firms and if you require assistance you should contact Jonathan Diamond who heads our family law department.

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