Collaborative Family Law Can Help You Breakdown the Wall Of Silence

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When couples separate, be they married, living together or in a civil partnership then this is often the time of great stress, conflict and heartache. Having the right advice can make all the difference. In days gone by, the separating parties would either reach an agreement between themselves or they would more than likely instruct lawyers to negotiate with the possibility of there being court proceedings. This is still the most commonly used method but can be very expensive, emotionally draining and a decision could be made by the court that neither party would be happy with.

Today, there are forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution or ADR. In circumstances of family breakdown like this, mediation or collaborative law are the way forward.

Jonathan Diamond is a partner and qualified collaborative lawyer who is able to assist clients in coming to an agreement with their former partner.

The process consists of four way face to face meetings where you, your ex-partner as well as the lawyers discuss matters with a view to coming to an agreement. As your collaborative lawyer, Jonathan will be present at meetings to help articulate and secure your interests. The discussions will focus on the concerns and the interests of each of you and any children. You, your ex-partner and the collaborative lawyers commit themselves to resolving issues without having to go to court. The advantage of this is that matters are dealt with on a speedier basis. Both of you will have legal support throughout the process and will focus on the children. You will both control the process and your costs will be limited. Resolutions reached will be in a dignified and respectful way and there will be no contested court process.

Not all family lawyers, even specialist family lawyers, are collaboratively trained but Jonathan is a member of a pod of collaborative lawyers based in East London and Essex. If this is something you would wish to consider then please speak to Jonathan Diamond on 020 8215 1000. You can speak to the Family department directly on 020 8215 1069. He will be more than happy to have a preliminary meeting with you and provide you with a list of other collaboratively trained lawyers in the area for your partner to possibly instruct. Unfortunately, collaborative law is not available on a legal aid basis.

This article should not be taken as a full statement of the law. It should be regarded purely as guidance and is no substitute for professional advice. No responsibility for loss occasioned as a result of any person acting or refraining from acting can be accepted by Wiseman Lee LLP. © Wiseman Lee LLP 2011.

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