Co-op staff launch equal pay claim

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Hundreds of Co-op shop floor staff have launched an equal pay claim against the firm.

Over 400 employees, most of which are women, have stated that they are paid less than their male colleagues who are working in the warehouses at the company, despite the fact that their jobs are of equal value.

This follows similar equal pay issues at Tesco and Asda in recent years, with 30,000 employees contributing to claims at Asda regarding equal pay.

Experts believe that the difference in pay between the employees may be discriminatory, which could mean that as many as 50,000 current and former staff members could be eligible to make a claim.

Research has found that employees who work on the shop floor are paid approximately £1.50 – £3.00 less than their colleagues who are working in distribution and warehouse centres. As a result, some workers may be entitled to up to £10,000 in compensation.

The claim will centre on whether or not the jobs are of ‘equal value’, rather than whether they are similar, with local councils losing similar equal pay claims over female workers’ pay in recent years.

The BBC is also under scrutiny regarding equal pay, with BBC radio presenter Sarah Montague becoming the latest presenter to receive a settlement after it admitted to underpaying her for several years.

Montague was awarded £400,000 and the BBC has apologised to her, with the broadcaster being involved in several cases in relation to its gender pay gap since high-earning staff salaries were published in 2017.

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