The practical impact of clinical negligence can be devastating. We understand that legal action won’t bring back a loved one or reinstate your health, but it can help improve the quality of your life.

It’s hard enough to face what’s happened. You shouldn’t have to worry about how you are going to cope financially if you’ve lost your spouse or have to fund expensive treatment, rehabilitation and specialist equipment.

Dealing with the medical profession and the coroner’s office and finding your way through the NHS complaints process, is difficult and distressing at the best of times. We can relieve you of that burden as we guide you through the practical and emotional challenges caused by clinical negligence.

We can

  • Advise you on pursuing a complaint against a hospital, GP or dentist and help you get answers, an apology, or recognition that medical procedure needs to be changed
  • Help you get information or representation at the inquest
  • Help you win financial compensation for personal injury or bereavement caused by substandard medical care

Our experienced clinical negligence solicitors team works with independent medical experts and can often obtain early payments to cover treatment and rehabilitation expenses.

We have helped win

  • Multi million pound compensation for cerebral palsy caused by lack of oxygen during birth and pregnancy
  • Compensation for paraplegia following a failure to diagnose spinal cord compression
  • Expedited proceedings for early resolution of compensation awards for those with terminal illness from late diagnosis of cancer, lung and liver disease
  • Settlement and compensation awards to cover future loss of earnings, nursing care costs, specially adapted equipment and accommodation needs and all aspects to secure future care and comfort

Our aim is to resolve your claim swiftly and also to ensure that you receive the aftercare you need and good advice about ongoing rehabilitation, investment of your damages and the protection of any award from means tested benefits.

We understand that funding your complaint or legal action might be a cause for concern but there are a number of funding options available and we can advise you on them.

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