No-Fault Divorce

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No-Fault Divorce

Jonathan Diamond, head of our family law department, explains why he believes divorce laws need modernising so couples wishing to split amicably are not forced to play the blame game. The subject of no-fault divorce has been in the news recently. By the time you read this, a bill introduced by Conservative MP Richard Bacon will have been given a … Read More

Parting Painlessly

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Parting Painlessly A guide to Divorce

Jonathan Diamond, head of family law at local solicitors Wiseman Lee, explains how it is possible to resolve issues when couples separate as painlessly as possible. I qualified as a solicitor in 1986 and joined Wiseman Lee a year later. At that time most solicitors were general practitioners, so I might have done a bit of advocacy in the Magistrates … Read More

Simple Guide to Getting Divorced

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Simple Guide to Getting Divorced

Divorce can be a difficult process, fraught with emotion and beset with legal hurdles, but there’s no need for it to be long and drawn out. Not all marriages end acrimoniously, and for those that do, there is an established legal process that can iron out disputes and keep communications civil between the parties. The divorce process in short If … Read More

What Rights Does The Father of Child Have?

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Family Solicitor

When a marriage ends in divorce or separation, men often feel as if their rights are fairly limited or unrecognised by law, particularly when children are in the picture. There is no one rule that applies to every father’s rights to see their children. Individual circumstances are taken into account from both sides of a separated couple before any legal … Read More

What is Divorce Mediation?

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Divorce Mediation

When a marriage deteriorates to the point that divorce is inevitable, the stress and heartache involved can be profound. Agreeing on a division of assets and who will get custody of children can take a heavy toll on all the family, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Divorce mediation allows you and your spouse to take control of … Read More

Ten Simple Things To Know About Divorce

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Ten simple things to know about divorce

We know it is a sad and stressful time, for anyone who is involved, when a couple decide to divorce. That’s why our experienced team here at Wiseman deal with each situation with sympathetic professionalism. Divorces can be complex, but at their heart is a simple process – and that’s what we will focus on here. Our experience has helped … Read More

Your Instant Guide to the Grounds for the Granting of a Divorce

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We appreciate that is always a difficult, often agonising, decision to end a marriage. However, here at Wiseman Lee, our lengthy practical experience in this key area of family law has ensured that, while always treating you with sympathy and understanding, practical advice and professional actions are also what you need. Apart from understanding the process of a divorce, one … Read More