A Taxing Problem For Business

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Tax evasion definition

Change Ahead The main provisions of the Criminal Finances Act 2017 come into force on the 30th September 2017, and there are a few important updates that businesses need to know. New Provisions While tax evasion is already an offence, currently there are no obligations for companies to take steps to stop another person engaging in such illegal activity. With … Read More

Injury Prevention Day 2017

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Injury Prevention Day 2017

Last week was Injury Prevention Day 2017. The APIL (Association of Personal Injury Lawyers) instigated Injury Prevention Day so that people could better understand what the association is about. They want to see fewer people injured needlessly. The APIL are dealing with a continued onslaught in relation to soft-tissue injury claims, but the Government is making no effort to reduce … Read More

Bridging the Gap – What you need to know about the Gender Pay Gap and how it could affect you?

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Pay Gap

The BBC has published the figures of people working within their organisation who annually earn £150,000 or more. The publication showed that out of the 96 people within the BBC who earn more than £150,000 only 32 are women. Furthermore, whilst the BBC’s highest male presenter earned in the region of £2.5 million, the highest female presenter earned significantly less, … Read More

UK Licensing Laws And Their Origins

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Emma Clements of London solicitors Wiseman Lee gives some insight in to UK licensing laws, how they came about, how they are enforced and why a 266-year-old etching is of significance Gin, cursed fiend, with fury fraught, makes human race a prey. It enters by a deadly draught and steals our life away.” (Rev James Townley, 1714–1778). Imagine a world where … Read More

Landlords: Check Or Be Charged

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For the past year, landlords have been required to conduct checks on prospective tenants. But recent changes have now made it even more important to do so, says Jeremy Smith of local London Wiseman Lee. Since February 2016 all landlords have been required to complete Right to Rent checks on their tenants. However, further provisions were introduced in December 2016, which … Read More

What happens when a parent disinherits a child?

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What happens when a parent disinherits a child? Beverley Browne, a partner in our wills and probate department, explores the issues and looks at the rising trend of will disputes. The decision last year in the Court of Appeal in the case of Ilott –v– Mitson received a lot of press coverage and led many people to question whether their … Read More

A Look Into Property Fraud

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Property Fraud

Derek Inkpin, a partner in our property department, takes a look at property fraud, highlighting two real-life cases that should make any home owner take note. The computerisation of our world has changed lives beyond recognition from that understood by our grandparents.  However as we all know it comes at a huge price because of fraud perpetrated on the internet. … Read More