UK Licensing Laws And Their Origins

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Emma Clements of London solicitors Wiseman Lee gives some insight in to UK licensing laws, how they came about, how they are enforced and why a 266-year-old etching is of significance Gin, cursed fiend, with fury fraught, makes human race a prey. It enters by a deadly draught and steals our life away.” (Rev James Townley, 1714–1778). Imagine a world where … Read More

Landlords: Check Or Be Charged

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For the past year, landlords have been required to conduct checks on prospective tenants. But recent changes have now made it even more important to do so, says Jeremy Smith of local London Wiseman Lee. Since February 2016 all landlords have been required to complete Right to Rent checks on their tenants. However, further provisions were introduced in December 2016, which … Read More

What happens when a parent disinherits a child?

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What happens when a parent disinherits a child? Beverley Browne, a partner in our wills and probate department, explores the issues and looks at the rising trend of will disputes. The decision last year in the Court of Appeal in the case of Ilott –v– Mitson received a lot of press coverage and led many people to question whether their … Read More

A Look Into Property Fraud

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Property Fraud

Derek Inkpin, a partner in our property department, takes a look at property fraud, highlighting two real-life cases that should make any home owner take note. The computerisation of our world has changed lives beyond recognition from that understood by our grandparents.  However as we all know it comes at a huge price because of fraud perpetrated on the internet. … Read More

No-Fault Divorce

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No-Fault Divorce

Jonathan Diamond, head of our family law department, explains why he believes divorce laws need modernising so couples wishing to split amicably are not forced to play the blame game. The subject of no-fault divorce has been in the news recently. By the time you read this, a bill introduced by Conservative MP Richard Bacon will have been given a … Read More

Digital Legacy And Digital Assets

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Digital Assets

Devorah Ormonde, a partner in our private client department, takes a look at how digital assets can be problematic when it comes to making a Will. When someone dies, the person responsible for dealing with their estate traditionally looks through their bank statements and other financial documentation to identify their assets to enable them to complete the necessary inheritance tax … Read More

Prenuptial Agreements

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In recent times Prenuptial Agreements have become more common. Sometimes they are called Premarital Agreements and are also commonly known as “Prenups”. Wiseman Lee LLP are able to help you through the tangled web of Prenuptial Agreements. Such agreements are often used so as to protect a spouse’s assets or the assets of his or her family. So long as … Read More

Without Due Care – Road Traffic Law

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Emma Clements, a partner in the Criminal Law department at Wiseman Lee, takes a look at some of the issues surrounding Road Traffic Law. Road traffic law can be complex and highly technical. The importance of a driving conviction should not be underestimated when a person is at risk of losing their driving licence or even, in the most serious … Read More